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Get the greatest impact from your talent pool.

The skilled people who staff your organization bring you your greatest competitive advantage. But finding the right fit talent is just the first step. To succeed in today’s ever-changing marketplace, optimizing the potential of your people is priority. That’s why after attracting and hiring the best people for your organization, we offer a comprehensive suite of workforce programs to help you maximize the positive impact of your workforce.

We partner with you to provide end-to-end solutions that help you increase workforce productivity, agility and efficiency. Whether you need help fulfilling and managing job orders, developing and retaining your talent, or increasing the speed and quality of your operation’s output, Manpower will create a program tailored specifically for your needs. Our Workforce Programs include:

  • Workforce Assessment Program
    To best position your organization for success, we gain an in-depth understanding of your workforce needs in order to identify and deliver ideal talent matches for the positions/locations that produce the highest return for your business.
  • Workforce Training Program
    Increase employee productivity and flexibility. Improve operational performance. Boost employee morale and engagement. Our training programs are designed to strengthen your workforce and sharpen your competitive edge – more cost effectively than other internal or external programs. Training is customized to fit your budget and address your company’s knowledge gaps, and covers a vast range of topics, including software, business skills, environmental health and safety, legal compliance and IT solutions.
  • Site Management Program
    Managing a contingent staffing program can be complex and time consuming. By partnering with Manpower, you’ll be able to spend more time on your core business. We’ll manage any of aspect of your contingent workforce program – from staff orders assignments and management, to full-scale, on-site program management.
  • Workforce Optimization Program
    Your workforce is your key competitive differentiator. Are you tapping its full potential? We apply our industry-leading methodology and breakthrough analytics to help you increase the speed and efficiency of your workforce processes, while reducing your operating costs. You’ll enjoy a return on your workforce investment greater than you ever thought possible.