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Bringing you the talent and tools for best-in-class performance.

Positions Placed Include:

  • Onsite and at-home agents
  • Customer service representative
  • Sales representative
  • Technical support representative
  • Help desk representative
  • Collections

At any moment in your call centre operations, your customers’ experience – and your success – depends on who is at the other end of the line. Yet, despite the impact your employees have on your business, you face constant pressure to control costs. With 65% to 70% of the typical call centre's budget going to staff costs, you need alternative solutions to maximize your investment in people without sacrificing service quality and customer experience.

Manpower partners with contact centres of every size to help them staff for maximum capability, including onsite or at home agents. We offer flexible staffing solutions that allow you to ramp up or down depending on business or seasonal demands. Even more important, our contact centre recruiting engine, intensive skills assessments, and proven selection processes allow us to identify ideal employment matches. That means your centre will be equipped with high-quality staff with the right abilities, education, experience and attitude - and those who can deal with challenges and thrive.

As an experienced business partner within the contact centre space, Manpower services more than 550 North American contact centres and has recently accomplished the following:

  • Significantly reduced contact centre staff turnover
  • Staffed large new contact centres for clients from the ground up
  • Outperformed comparable contact centres on improving customer loyalty
  • Saved cost by reducing average handle time. Your contact centre is your face to the world.

Whether your operation has been functioning for years or you're just getting started, put our experience to work for you.


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