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We work to change lives and communities for the better.

The very nature of what we do - connecting people to tools, opportunities and training that enable them to find meaningful employment, support themselves and their families, and help build more sustainable communities - puts social responsibility at Manpower’s core. Our commitment to producing a positive impact on individuals and societies is also an extension of our values:

  • Respect for individuals and communities and the important role work plays in people's lives
  • Sharing our knowledge and expertise to develop sustainable workforce practices
  • Seeking innovative ways to develop socially inclusive work environments for the long term

Our social responsibility principles and practices advance our focus on the world of work: We serve as a bridge to employment for all - linking the disadvantaged and disenfranchised to opportunities that help them survive and thrive. But it goes even further. As part of ManpowerGroup, we also strive to operate at the highest level of integrity and to be an effective and imaginative agent of change - in the smallest communities and around the world. Learn more about ManpowerGroup’s sustainability policies and guidelines .

Workforce Diversity

For more than 55 years, Manpower has been guided by the belief that there's a role for every individual in the world of work. Long before corporate diversity initiatives, Manpower was finding the best in everyone and putting them to work. Since the company was formed in 1948, Manpower has been a pioneer in creating opportunities for women, even when it was not yet socially accepted for women to work outside of the home and develop careers.

The nature of our business has given us a privileged position to promote diversity. We take great pride in furthering the potential of individuals of diverse cultures, talents and experience. We always consider what people can do, versus what they can't do. And we make every effort to provide opportunities for anyone who is seeking the rewards and dignity of work.

ManpowerGroup is committed to providing equal employment opportunities in a professional, high quality work environment. It is the policy of ManpowerGroup and all of its subsidiaries to recruit, train, promote, transfer, pay and take all employment actions without regard to an employee's race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, religion, age, disability, protected veteran status, or any other basis protected by applicable law.

Supplier Diversity

Top quality products and services. Strong, collaborative partners. A boost to the community - and broader value for business. Manpower's Supplier Diversity Program goes further to generate more direct benefits from diversity initiatives.

Our program is committed to developing relationships and sharing best practices with diversity suppliers - including women, minorities, veterans, disadvantaged and small business owners - who can enhance the solutions we offer our clients. Because by doing so, we increase process efficiencies and make a true, positive impact that benefits everyone.

We share our knowledge and resources with our diversity partners to accelerate their growth and profitability, while meeting our clients' diversity goals. We put clients in touch with a pre-qualified network of certified diversity supplier partners who specialize in a wide range of niches and skill sets. In the end, diversity spend does more than just give business to local diversity vendors. It goes further to create lasting business improvements to those firms. And this takes our entire business environment further.

For more information on Manpower's Supplier Diversity Program, please contact us.
Workforce Development

There are people who want to work - many with diverse backgrounds - but face greater challenges in finding gainful employment. There are employers who want to hire while increasing diversity in their workplace, but can't find people with the skill sets they need. That's why we use our position to determine current and future skills gaps, identify people from various backgrounds who need help entering the workforce, and apply our expertise to create solutions that benefit both job seekers and employers. That's the heart of our workforce development initiatives.

We identify people who face barriers to employment, including individuals receiving public assistance, at-risk youth, veterans, military spouses, people with disabilities and more - and then prepare them for in-demand jobs in high-growth industries. Our customized programs provide skills assessments, job training, certification, mentoring and placement services, and partnering with employers, government and community-based organizations.

We feel privileged to help - and proud of the result: Candidates receive training in the skill sets that employers need most. Employers then have access to trained, motivated workers who can step in immediately and contribute to their growth and productivity. Promoting opportunity. Supporting businesses. And strengthening communities.

Community Involvement

Employers. Workers. Two cornerstones of any community. Manpower brings them together for their mutual benefit. That's why we're naturally committed to making our communities more sustainable places to live, work and do business. Since Manpower's beginning, we've considered it our responsibility to be part of resolving social issues and strengthening neighborhoods nationwide through community service.

Our volunteer program, TeamWorks, makes use of our inherent strengths by focusing our efforts on developing the workforce of today and tomorrow. Manpower employees contribute their time, knowledge and hard work to nonprofits including Junior Achievement, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boy Scouts of America, Girls Scouts of the USA, Goodwill, Salvation Army, March of Dimes, Special Olympics, United Way, local schools, workforce investment boards and many more.

We're proud our support promotes life skills, work readiness and confidence for those of all ages and all walks of life - guiding them toward rewarding, sustainable livelihoods. At the same time, we're developing the talented workforces employers need to operate more effectively, all while helping to build the foundation for healthy communities.


Since 1953, the ManpowerGroup Foundation has been dedicated to supporting job training and education initiatives for our nation's underemployed and youth. Through monetary contributions, volunteerism and other donations, the Foundation supports programs and organizations that focus on two key areas: creating paths to employment and promoting youth education and development.

By offering training in growing fields for those often overlooked in the workforce, the Foundation helps individuals experience the financial and personal rewards of sustainable work, while strengthening communities and developing a stronger, more diverse work-ready population for employers. And by providing resources for youth education, the Foundation prepares tomorrow's workforce to conquer the challenges of the changing world of work.

Along with these initiatives, the ManpowerGroup Foundation also supports healthcare and social services through an annual donation to the United Way and the arts through an annual donation to the United Performing Arts Fund.

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Promoting Ability Above All

Project Ability

Canadian Project Ability

Manpower is a strong advocate of people with disabilities, with solid success making employment matches.


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